​​​​Wyandot County Young Professionals

Wyandot County Young


109 S. Sandusky Ave., Rm 16

Upper Sandusky, OH 43351

Membership requirements: 

  • 18 - 45 years old
  • Living or working in Wyandot County, or graduated from a Wyandot County school district
  • Others seeking membership will be considered on a case-by-case basis

Annual membership dues are $25.00

Membership Structure

The WCYP is organized to create a network of young professionals that will develop themselves through mutual learning opportunities, community service, and knowledge shared by current and past community leaders.  The WCYP will work to develop necessary competencies in potential future business and community leaders, and actively strive to attract and retain young educated talent for the purpose of improving the economic viability and quality of life in Wyandot County.

Purpose and Intent

To develop, connect, empower and retain young professionals through increased opportunities and resources that will enhance their professional development and business success within the region.


What is the WCYP?

The WCYP is a 501(c)(3) non-profit group organized by young individuals who collaborate to form events and community service opportunities.  Through the organization, members are provided a means to both give back to their local community, increase their understanding of local resources, and learn from current and past business and community leaders.   Most of all the WCYP provides a means to network with peers and further their professional and social connections. 

Click here to download the WCYP Organizational Brochure

The WCYP was originally formed under the Wyandot County Office of Economic Development with support from the Upper Sandusky Area Chamber of Commerce as a means to both develop the local workforce and make Wyandot County an attractive community for both prospective businesses and talent.